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SKEYES – An All-scenario Blockchain Security Solution
Skeyes is defined as an all-scenario blockchain security solution, consisting of Skeyes Security Platform (SSP), Skeyes User Analysis (SUA), Blockchain Network Traffic Analysis (BNTA), and Blockchain Threat Intelligence Platform (BTIP). By collecting and analyzing massive internal and external heterogeneous data in the blockchain industry, SKS security system presents exchanges and projects strong security posture improving network security, internal security, and business security with one-step services. On-chain security, software and hardware security, and business security threat detection and response are incorporated into the SKS system. Furthermore, advanced threat detection and event corresponding functions, such as dynamic threat tracking, automatic threat analysis and creative threat searching, are also added to the system. Skeyes empowers blockchain-based enterprises, solves the fragmented security issues, and promotes the healthy and rapid development of the blockchain industry.
(Skeyes Security Platform)
SSP platform is the core application platform of the SKS system. It is defined as the one-stop solution platform for blockchain security. With the rapid development of the blockchain industry, security teams must be capable of dealing with increasingly complicated security environment. Unfortunately, traditional security solutions have been out-of-date when facing sophisticated security issues. More and more exchanges and projects prefer a specialized platform to address security issues. The advantages of SSP are:
1. Accurately detect unknown threats and reduce false reports
2. Sensitive situational awareness
3. Real big data architecture
4. Active evolution and self-enhancement ability
(Skeyes User Analysis)
SUA is based on multidimensional baselines of user’s behaviors. It is able to detect internal threats in seconds, such as personnel violations and abuse of account, through machine learning algorithms combined with built-in rules, preventing important data leakage and protecting business data of exchanges and projects. The advantages of SUA are:
1. Machine learning provides accurate prediction
2. Arrangements are easily to be deployed
3. Proactive preparation reduces losses
(Blockchain Network Traffic Analysis)
There are hidden malicious attacks in network traffic. Quickly and effectively capturing those attacks is the core capability of traffic analysis. The intelligent analysis system BNTA uses machine learning technology to detect abnormal traffic, which is faster and more accurate. The bypass deployment of BNTA can support large-flow network behavior analysis and data restoration, and locate and discover unknown threats without affecting the business. The advantages of BNTA are:
1. High-speed processing and fast detection
2. Multiple analysis for accurate detection
3. Easy to track sources
(Blockchain Threat Intelligence Platform)
Threat intelligence can help exchanges and projects greatly improve the situation of information asymmetry in the confrontation with hackers. It also provides threat-related information from multiple aspects, enables exchanges and projects to automatically find new types of threats, and increases attack detection capability and responsiveness. The advantages of BTIP are:
1. High-speed processing and fast detection
2. Multiple analysis for accurate detection
3. Easy to track sources
SKS Products
SSP-the core application platform of SKS system
BTIP-token-laundering prevention, risk avoidance
Fake Deposit Bug Scanner
Hack Archive
Blockchain Threat Intelligence Platform
SSP Platform:

Blockchain Security Analysis Platform

SUA Platform:

User Behavior Analysis System

BNTA Platform:

Network Traffic Analysis System

Application Scenarios
Integration Approach
Data Engine
BTIP collects data from various data sources for cleaning and integration, and combines artificial intelligence technology to extract accurate data from huge data set. The threat intelligence engine covers each piece of information from the dark web to hundreds of exchanges around the world, providing solid intelligence support for tracking attacks by hackers and token laundering.
A Product that Provides Exchanges And
Wallets With Safe Deposit Services
Capturing Blockchain Hack Events

Recent Five Hacks

Hacks This Month

  • Hacked:Tron Lounge
    Description:The hacker used a transaction rollback attack on Tron Lounge contract through the self-created contract. 54,653 TRX have been stolen so far
    Loss:54,653 TRX
    Attack:Transaction Rollback Attack
  • Hacked:Vertcoin
    Description:Vertcoin was suffered 51% attack
    Loss:0.44 BTC
    Attack:51% Attack
  • Hacked:Upbit
    Description: 342,000 ETH worth of $50M was stolen from Upbit, a Korean exchange
    Loss:342,000 ETH
  • Hacked:Dice
    Description: The hacker used a transaction rollback attack on Dice contract of TRON through the self-created contract. 18,808 TRX have been stolen so far
    Loss:18,808 TRX
  • Hacked:vinDAX
    Description:vinDAX, a cryptocurrency exchange, was hacked and cryptocurrencies worth of $5M was stolen.
  • Coming soon
Threat Detection
Smart Contract Security
Business Security
Wallet Security
Public Chain Security
Exchange Security
Red Teaming
Bug Bounty
Security Service
On-chain transaction monitoring
51% attack analysis
Blacklist and whitelist of contract
Smart contract security
Node monitoring
Public opinion analysis
Contract security audits
Dapp security audits
Abnormal operation monitoring
Fraudulent/Malicious network flow monitoring
Illegal business intelligence monitoring
Wallet design evaluation
App code audits
App code enhancement
Node security audits
Consensus algorithm audits
Contract Virtual Machine security audits
Business risk control
White paper assessment
Monitoring and scanning
Platform security audits
Protection arrangements
Hot wallet security audits
Open-source intelligence collection
Security Reinforcement
Red Teaming will not be limited to traditional penetration tests, but focuses on attack assessments against real vulnerabilities such as corporate personnel, corporate business systems, corporate supply chains, corporate office systems, and corporate physical security. A final gradient security solution will be tailored according to evaluation results and actual security needs of users. The solution prioritizes the core nodes that are vulnerable to attacks to get defended, which tremendously increases the cost of attackers/hackers.
Relevant service/product suppliers in the blockchain ecosystem can independently set the business scope and reward standards for bug bounty. This program could easily introduce a large number of professional security researchers for continuous bug mining who can independently decide whether or not to disclose the detail of those bugs.
The SKS whole-scenario security system development team is composed by senior blockchain experts, technical geeks, and blockchain masters, and volunteers from the blockchain industry, with the goal of promoting a more open blockchain ecosystem with better performance and higher security. This white paper does not disclose the list of teams for the time being, for the respect of the wish of all developers who have contributed to the SKS system. The core development member list might be shown to the public with the development of the SKS system in the future.
Cooper Fortino
Founder & CEO
Cooper was born in 1985. He was graduated from Computer Science at Columbia University. With 10-year Internet development experience at Amazon Web Services, Booz Allen and Accenture, he becomes an expert in network security, software design and programming. He got involved in the blockchain industry in 2014 and took charge in multiple projects for security architecture design and development. Cooper was committed to using cutting-edge systematic security architecture which transforms the way of security in blockchain from passive defense to active intelligence.
Jacob E. Gambhir
Co-founder & CTO
Jacob obtained his doctor degree in Computer Science at Boston University. He is acknowledged as a distinguished expert in security algorithm, APT sandboxie, anomaly detection, and user behavior analysis. Honorably, Jacob received more than 10 security patents in the U.S. During the decade from 2005, he worked at Trendmicro, a leading security company in the world. Since 2015, he put much focus on the development of blockchain-based security products. His main responsibility is to conduct researches on advanced technology architecture and blockchain security. He passionately advocates the use of machine learning in the area of blockchain security.
Travis Strang
Co-founder & COO
Travis was graduated from Arlington School of Business at the University of Texas. He worked at several well-known international companies such as Sybase, HDS, Deloitte, and Vmware, being appointed as regional general manager, vice president and COO. Therefore, he has extensive skills and strong management experience. During 4 years of entering the blockchain industry, he collaborated and helped a large number of popular projects, and was deeply involved in security update and security architecture design. With his keen insights, Travis has been always promoting the development of blockchain, network security, and big data.